What Might Your Child's Day be Like?

When you come into our school please remember - it is a child's world! These activities are their work, their ideas, their fun.

"Enter and return for a brief visit to the wonderful world of young children. Enjoy their enthusiasm for living and learning!" ~ Author Unknown

*** Please help your child wash his/her hands upon entry for the day! This is a NAEYC health requirement. Thanks ***


6:00 am School opens... learning through play, puzzles, rice table, Brio train, books, art center; fruit, sandwich/muffin & juice served until 7:30 am.
7:45 am Story time, books/flannel stories, music
8:15 am Coat time, bathroom time, hand washing
8:30 am Outdoor play (depending on weather.. indoor large motor)
8:30 am Kindergarten: class begins
  • Classes coming in: bathroom, hand washing, etc.
  • Breakfast: Milk, fruit, and grain (see menu by classroom)  Preschool Begins!
9:20 am Cognitive Circle Time: color, shape, letter, number of the week, calendar, phonics, literacy-reading-writing activity or math game, science topic.
9:30 am Teddy Bear Class: outside time depending on weather (covered play space in backyard if raining or indoor toys)
9:45 am
  • Learning through play - in classroom --- art, blocks, family play, puzzles/perceptual, book corner, hands-on science table, pla-do, computer time (4s and up)
  • Kindergarten Class: Includes writing/phonics/reading instruction time, and hands-on math
10:15 am Kindergarten Class: recess
10:55 am Story and Music time; instruments, perceptual obstacle course game, Weekly Readers, etc.
11:00 am
  • Preschool Outdoor Play --- Large motor coordination, social
  • Kindergarten --- Curriculum workbooks, hands-on math and literacy, fine motor play
11:15 am Teddy Bears: lunch (You bring lunch...we serve milk)
11:25 - 11:40 am Coming inside, hand washing
11:40-12:10 Lunch time! (You bring lunch...we serve milk)
12:10 pm
  • Tooth brushing time! Bathroom, hand washing, movie time
  • Teddy Bears: nap time
12:30 - 1:00 pm Lullabies and back rubs.
2:00 pm
  • Kindergarten curriculum resumes
  • Preschool play time (for those waking early)
2:30 pm Wake up time, bathroom, hand washing
2:55 pm Circle Time - in classroom... music, story, science topic
3:00 pm Snack with grain, fruit juice or milk, fresh fruit, some days yogurt or cheese
3:30 pm Outdoor play (generally year-round, some indoor play exceptions on certain days, especially for toddlers.)
4:00 - 5:00 pm Come in (time varies with weather) In winter, we're back in classrooms for games, art, play, music and dance, "parachute play". In summer, we take art, bubbles, water play, blocks, farmer's market play and music outdoors.
5:00 pm Music and Story Circle, hand washing, juice popsicle time, math & literacy learning games.
5:30 pm Free play, puzzles, books, art, blocks, music, special toys
6:00 pm School Closed...See you tomorrow!


  • Teddy Bears' schedule varies a bit from this.
  • Infants are napped and fed based upon their needs.
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