Baby Bears (Infants/Waddlers)

Learning materials and coordination and art activities are planned with kisses, hugs, and rocking. Babies are given opportunity for tummy time and  play,  crawling and walking. Weather permitting babies will stroller (on our property only) or play in their own play yard.

We nap and feed infants based on their needs. When napping, we follow the AAP SIDS/SUIDS guidelines so that infants are always laid to sleep on their backs, in a crib, and absolutely no blankets, bumpers, toys or any other items (except a pacifier) are allowed in the sleeping space of the infant. No inclined sleeping devices are used. (These have been recalled). A full copy of our policy will be given to you when enrolling or during your tour.

Please feel free to tell us ways you soothe your baby at home to help us nurture your little one.

The USDA breakfast and afternoon snack we offer includes breastmilk or formula, and later, infant cereal & fruit/veggies as your baby is ready. Infants are fed on their needs, not a strict schedule. Infants experience several growth spurts in the first nine months especially, which schedules cannot accommodate, so we follow the baby's cues for feeds. For those under age one, we feed the babies formula or pumped milk. For those over age one, we feed whole milk or pumped milk, lunch foods and other snacks you provide (jars, toddler finger food, yogurt, whole milk.) You are welcome to come in on your breaks to nurse your baby or play. We ask you to remove your shoes when entering our room and to wash your hands.

You'll be able to see a record of what your baby ate, when they napped, were diapered, etc.

You provide diapers (disposable or cloth), cream, and wipes labeled with name. Formula needs to be brought in original containers. Breast milk and formula cans need to have names and date.