Policies and Procedures


Health Care

You'll need to provide your doctor's information about your child's health and immunizations with the health exam form. Though we disinfect rooms, toys, and resting mats and blankies regularly, person-to-person contact cannot be avoided. Your child may have contact with colds and other contagious illnesses. We cannot accept a child at school with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or unexplained rash. If your child becomes ill at school, we will call the parents first, then the other emergency numbers on the registration form. Please plan ahead for alternate care arrangements. A doctor's note may be required for re-admission if a contagion is suspected.

Medication from home can only be given with a doctor's note or prescription. Please bring original container and give it to a teacher who will help you sign it in and put in a locked cabinet. Never send it in a lunchbox where another child may find it.

Federal and State law requires us to report reasonable suspicions of abuse and neglect.


Please dress your child in inexpensive, washable play clothes so your child may be a willing participant rather than an observer. Spring mud, summer sand and water play, paint drips, and even watercolor markers may stain clothing. If you plan an after school outing like going to dinner, you may wish to pack an extra set of clothing in the car so you can change your child. Tennis shoes are preferred for active children.  For safety, please avoid hoods with strings and sandals, which often result in hurt little toes.

Note: Please no toys, gum, candy, or money in pockets or at school.

Hand Washing

We continually wash our hands throughout the day.

Please help us start out your child's day with this by having your child washing their hands upon arrival.


Withdrawal from School

Consistency and security are crucial for young children; minimizing changes leaves children with more energy for growing and blossoming. We hope to get to know your child and love them, not just teach them.

For withdrawal, a written notice of intent to withdrawal your child from our school must be provided to us 2 weeks in advance. You will be charged for the 2 weeks, whether your child attends or not.

If there is a behavior that endangers the child or others, we will do our best to resolve the issue with you, including a parent/teacher meeting or referral to community resources which may help, and plan to resolve the concerns. If there is no feasible resolution, we will provide 2 weeks notice when attendance can no longer be provided for your child. (Exceptions: Severe dangerous behavior or non-payment)


We do not share any of your private information outside of our staff without written permission and it is secured every evening, including weekends. The following are some of the things we do not share:

  • your address, phone, etc.
  • your child's assessments are not shared outside our staff, including specialists. (Without your written permission)
  • your registration and emergency information


Lunch and Snacks

We participate in the USDA Child Care Food Program for breakfast and PM snack only. We'll serve breakfast at 9 a.m. with milk, fruit, a grain (cereal, muffin, etc) and afternoon snack at 3 p.m. with fruit juice or milk, grain, and fruit, cheese, or yogurt, for example at no cost to you. You'll fill out a USDA form when you enroll. Per Federal Law, the USDA does not discriminate based upon race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

You will need to bring your child's lunch every day. We serve milk with the lunch your child brings from home. A healthy lunch and snacks are important for your child's immune system, brain development, and growth.

On Fridays your child may join in Pizza Day if you wish. On Pizza Day we serve pizza, fruits, dessert, and milk for $2.00.

When it comes to lunch, we have some recommendations and guidelines.

  • Protein: sandwich, cheese/crackers, meat slices, yogurt, Go-Gurt, boiled eggs, or chili or spaghetti-Os in a thermos, etc.
  • Fresh Fruits or Veggies: Please cut whole fruit. For children under four years of age, grapes or olives or hot dogs must be diced. Carrots may be cooked or shredded. No popcorn please.
  • Whole Grain: bread, crackers, granola, or fruit bar
  • Other lunch items: pretzels, chips, pudding, fruit roll-ups for dessert (these are not considered fruit).
  • Lunchables: if you send one, please add fruit or yogurt. Children do not seem full after a Lunchable alone. Please put these in a lunchbox with a cold pack.
  • No candy or pop allowed.
  • Please avoid sugary pouch drinks
  • In order to spend time with the children, our teachers sit with the children at the lunch table. Therefore, we cannot microwave lunches; hot foods may be sent in a thermos.
  • Please use a frozen cold pack if something needs to be kept cold. Yogurt tubes freeze well and thaw for lunch.


Our goal is to help children learn right from wrong and consider the needs and feelings of others. We cannot hurt people on the inside or outside. We'll use guidance with an emphasis in helping children learn what are appropriate and kind choices, help children negotiate differences, and assist them in finding solutions. If needed, we'll redirect a child to the appropriate behavior and help them follow through. Time-outs are rarely used, though a cool down period is sometimes helpful when a child is hurting others. The goal is to help the child “get back on track” and playing positively with his/her friends. A parent/teacher meeting may be arranged if we need to discuss a matter in more detail than day-to-day contact.


Outdoor Play

Our preschoolers go outside almost every day. Fresh air and exercise is important. When weather does not permit us to go outside, we get creative with indoor large motor games, dancing, obstacle course, etc. Our babies also venture out in the baby yard or a stroller on pleasant days. The toddlers, infants, and preschoolers each have their own playground/yard to ensure that all equipment is developmentally appropriate for those age groups.

Starting in the fall and ending in the muddy spring, your child will need a warm jacket with a hood or pinned on hat and mittens pinned to coat sleeves. Pinning them to coat sleeves allows them hang and therefore gives them drying time. Be certain to put your child's name on the tag or side of boots.

In the summer, dress for water play, sprinklers, and sandbox fun. To protect your child's toes, tennis shoes only please, no sandals or flip flops.
Please sunscreen your child daily.

Please note that we do play outdoors year-round and it's important for good health, even if it's very brief in the winter. (Some exceptions)

Note: No gun play is permitted.

Family Mailboxes, Child Cubbies, and Communication

The family mailboxes, some teachers may call them parent pockets, are envelopes which hang by your child's classroom door. We'll communicate with newsletters, ouch reports, and surveys. Newsletters will tell you about upcoming field trips, which you are welcome to attend. Once a year, we do a family survey to invite your input about our program.

Cubbies and art files are located inside your child's classroom. Please check your child's art file for art and school work that may go home. The cubby (plastic basket) will hold your child's extra change of clothes and their blankie for rest time.

Communication is important to us, so please let us know how we can meet your child's needs. Our staff is available  for individual questions/concerns, questions about your child's day, and also at Fall and Spring conferences. Please ask if you have questions.

Help us know how your family nurtures and cares for your child. If your child has special needs we'd like to work closely with you to meet those needs to the best of our ability. You may arrange for some special services to work with your child here and they are welcome to do so.

If your child receives special services elsewhere, your written permission is required for us to communicate with them or review IEPs so that we can do our best to support your child's growth and development here.

Tooth Brushing

Little Folks features a tooth brushing program. For those two years and older, we have them brush their teeth after lunch. We have individual toothbrushes and toothbrush racks with your child's name and individual toothpaste serving. It reinforces great health care habits and is supplemental to your dedication at home. For thoroughness, be certain that an adult at home brushes your child's teeth daily. Be sure to start this habit of assisting your child with brushing as soon as the first tooth appears until about age 6-8 years, when they may have the coordination and ability to do it thoroughly on their own.


Field Trips

We have a small school bus and all children are buckled; Two and Three year olds are put into 5-point harness carseats. Trips may include the pumpkin farm, fire station, or the park. These are great hands-on learning opportunities.

Bringing Your Child and Child Pick-Up

Our parking lot is a busy one. Please drive slowly and watch for other children getting in and out of cars. Please also watch for other incoming and outgoing vehicles and hold onto your child. Please DO NOT leave your car running or leave valuables or other children in the car.

You must park your vehicle and deliver your child directly to a teacher. 

Sign your child in or out at the Sign-In Table, help them put away their things, and wash their hands. Take them to their teacher and leave with hugs and “have fun today”, not “be good”.

Only someone designated on your registration form may pick up your child and we check photo IDs when we do not know someone. *Note, per Idaho law, any natural parent has the right to pick up a child, unless restricted by court order. If you have a court order stating your child is not to leave with the non-custodial parent, we MUST have a copy in our file.

Parents who can spare a few minutes when picking up their child and who play for a few moments tend to have children who love school.

Afternoon Rest Time

We play lullabies and rub backs during rest time. Preschool and Kindergarten rest time lasts from about 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Toddlers (2 yr. olds) go to nap about noon. Babies nap on their schedule in the baby room. Part way through rest time, a special play time is offered for children who are awake.

  1. The children rest on two inch foam resting mats.
  2. We provide sheets and blankets, if needed.
  3. These are washed weekly.

Your child may bring a small blankie, if needed, with their name on it. Please take it home to wash on Fridays.