Tuition and Fees

Baby Bear Program (1 - 20 months or so)

This program has a part-time or full-time rate due in advance by the 5th of each month or attendance is not allowed and a 10% late fee is charged. For this program, no vacation credit is given.


Preschool Programs (2yrs - 5yrs)

These programs have a monthly fee based on your family's needs for 3, 4, or 5 days each week. This is your child's reserved space. You pay in advance the monthly fee. There is no refund for missed days. If you should be called into work and need any extra days, your child is welcome here and you will be billed for those additional days. It is okay if your work days rotate. If you sign up for 3 days you do not need to indicate which days you plan to use. You will just pay for a month in advance.


Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten is a full-day kindergarten program that runs five days a week.

Kindergarten begins promptly at 8:30 am, and students are required to come all five days during the week, from 8:30 am to 3:15 pm. Children must be five years of age by Sept. 1 (same as the public school district) to be eligible. We can help you assess your child's readiness for kindergarten.


Please call for current pricing information:  208-664-5885


Policies and Procedures for Tuition


  • Advanced payment is required. We accept cash, check, or money order only.
  • All classes require a non-refundable registration fee per child to enroll. This is renewed each September
  • Tuition is due in advance by the 5th of every month.
  • Delinquent tuition is sent to a collection service.
  • If a check is returned, there is a returned check fee.


  • Your bill will be ready by the 1st of every month. You'll find your bill in your family mailbox, located by your child's classroom door.
  • We do not bill mom and dad separately. Therefore, the parent who signs the registration form is responsible for tuition.
  • ICCP funds are not refundable to parents.
  • For the A.M. Preschool option (9:00 to 11:30 am):
    • No credit is given for absences.
    • No sibling discount
    • No day switching
    • No vacation credit


If you plan to withdraw your child, all ages and classes require a written two week advance notice. You will be charged for this period whether your child attends or not. (ICCP does not pay this, it is your financial obligation.)

Please call for current pricing information:  208-664-5885